Frequently asked questionS

How does your pricing work?

I strive to be transparent and honest in my pricing model and hope to bring you the highest quality product for the most economical price. I can work within the confines of many (but not all) budgets, and we can work together to choose materials that fit your style but don't break the bank.

The price breaks down as follows: Materials + 15% (shop supplies) + labor (currently $40/hr) + 10% business expenses + tax (8.025% in Minneapolis, MN). If I'm offering a discount, I take that off of the labor charges, not including tax. 

Are the prices on your site exact quotes?

No. As material prices increase as well as my rate, the prices listed on my site may be slightly out of date (read: low).

Do you charge sales tax?

See above. Yes. Standard rates for Minneapolis, MN.

When is payment due?

Typically I ask that payments are made upon receipt of the invoice, which will be sent to you once a final design has been determined. Once the payment is made, you'll be added to the queue and given an ETA on your projects completion date. On larger items, a 50% downpayment maybe be offered.

How long will it take me to get my product?

That question has many answers. Anywhere from two days to two months. When I'm not building furniture, I'm stage managing for live theater at a large regional theater in the Twin Cities. My schedule changes often, but when I'm busy there I don't have much time to build.  In addition to that, the queue of current clients will determine how soon I can get your product to you.

Do you deliver or ship?

I deliver and ship for a fee. The fee will depend on distance and time when I deliver. Shipping can be done, and price will be determined upon request.

What should i chose for materials?

I'm very partial to walnut plywood with high veneer cores. I think the look of exposed plywood edges with walnut veneer is just so gorgeous. Of course, this is more expensive. A lower cost option is using birch plywood and staining it dark, however leaving the edges exposed on that is less than desirable.

Can you paint it instead of staining it?

Of course! Painting will cost slightly more as the process is more involved than staining.

Will you build me a french-country inspired hutch?

Each person is unique and so are their tastes. My work has a mid-century inspired "flare" to it, so I stick within that lane as I build, and at this time, I don't veer from my line. I fully appreciate the different tastes that we all have, but at this time I only build items that fit the general look of my other work.

Will there be blemishes? Inconsistencies in the wood patterns? sections of wood that take the stain differently?

Very possible. Because you're not purchasing something that is mass produced from a factory, there will be a uniqueness to the piece that you receive. I will ensure that all cuts, angles, etc are as precise as possible, but I'm creating something handcrafted for you, so there may be slight imperfections here and there.

Do I have to choose from the products shown on your site?

Not at all! Tell me what you're looking for and we will make it happen!

How many people work at Hossle Woodworks?

One. Me, myself and I. Justin Hossle. Though my two cats, wife Michele and son Aaron pay me a visit and brace a piece of lumber from time to time...ok, not the cats.

What does your workshop look like?

Currently it's a section of the basement in our single family home, as well as some driveway/garage space when needed. It measures about 20'x10' and has 7' ceilings. So in other words, cramped...  Want to gift me a studio space!?

Tell me more about yourself, Justin...

I have a wife and one child and we share a single-family-home together in NE Minneapolis. I enjoy lifting weights, playing piano, WOODWORKING, gardening, and bourbon. By day (or night) I am a stage manager at a large regional theater, where I schedule, coordinate and facilitate world-class theatrical productions from beginning to end. My favorite color is green and my favorite band is Ben Folds Five.  Also, mac. Not PC.